About Us

We are the first Malaysian company to use "A1" as the logo for our line of products. Nevertheless, it could not be registered, resulting in many imitation products, bearing no relation to our organization and products saturating the market.

In order to emphasise on the superior quality of our products and for product differentiation purposes, the company then decided to register the brand name "ACTION ONE ", with the "A1" taken to symbolize the brand name’s acronym. The name "ACTION ONE" serves to spur consumers to take the initial action (i.e.action first ) to try our products.

The concept has definitely worked. The company has flourished since its inception in 1989. In addition to our original three instant curry mix/paste flavours (chicken/meat, fish/seafood and Indian seafood). Lately we expanded to other range of mixed curry mix/paste ie. Salted fish/cockles flavored. Consumers of this popular brand can also look forward to our new range of pastes that include Tom Yam and Sambal Belacan.

Besides being sold in SE Asia, ACTION ONE products are also exported internationally to countries including Australia, China, the UK and US.

We are ISO 22000 : 2005 certified company.
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